18 - 21 April 2025

Welcome to the AUS 3 Days 2025. This carnival is being held in Loddon Shire, an area that is well known to most orienteers for Kooyoora, the location of WOC 1985 and WMOC 2002. Our aim is to deliver an enjoyable experience for all orienteers with high quality enjoyable maps and courses, encompassing Dredge & Sluice Mining, Reef Mining, Granite, and Spur Gully terrain.

For all orienteers except NOL competitors, the carnival consists of three multi-day length courses, plus the prologue on the Friday. The NOL competition retains the sprint prologue/ middle/long/relay distance format.

There is plenty to explore in Loddon Shire, so allow some time to take in places and activities around the Shire. 

Event Locations

Wedderburn and Inglewood are the key towns for the Carnival and the distances to the events are calculated from these two locations. 

Book Accommodation Soon

Easter is a popular time in central Victoria so book your accommodation early. The earlier the better! Visit the ACCOMMODATION page to explore the accommodation options around the Shire. 


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So what have we found? Interlinked dredging basins; mallee mining; granite and gully spur. Then there is more unique terrain planned for ANZAC weekend. Find out more...
For most Australian orienteers the town of Inglewood and the surrounding Loddon Shire is synonymous with the granite terrain of the nearby Kooyoora State Park. There was ample evidence that other quality orienteering terrain was available within a moderate distance of Inglewood...
In 2025 ANZAC Day falls on the Friday just after Easter, giving us all another 3 day weekend for more orienteering. Stay on and enjoy more orienteering.