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Map Embargoes

maps embargoed until the Australian 3 Days 2025


All forested areas within 3km of Tarnagulla. This includes the Tappit Hen orienteering map, Waanyarra Nature Conservation Reserve and parts of the Tarnagulla State Forest.

The Granites (Entire Map)

Wytchitella Nature Conservation Reserve Mt Egbert Block.

Psalm Singing Gully (entire map)

The public land area bounded by the Calder Highway, Inglewood-Powlett Rd, Christie Rd and Rose Hill Road. This includes most of the Inglewood Conservation Reserve west of the Inglewood-Powlett Rd.

Anderson’s Diggings (entire map) 
Sydenham Hill (entire map)

Mt Hooghly State Forest area bounded by the Dunolly-Maryborough line on the west and the Betley Rd to the east. Includes The Low Slump Dumps Crown Land area and the adjace nt Burnt Creek water frontage.

Mount Korong Reserve  

The embargo covers the entire reserve

Wehla Hill  

The embargo covers the entire map